1. Creative Design
  2. Multiple Image upload
  3. Discounts and Promotions
  4. Retail Business Analytics
  5. 3D Rotate Rotating Banners
  6. Cloud Solutions
  7. Integrated Logistics
  8. Payment Processing
  9. Intellectual Navigation
  10. Suggestive/predictive Search

Creative Design

Our custom designs will allow your store to stand out from your competition and give you a unique look, instead of just using a basic template that thousands of other companies already use. We offer a wide variety of custom designed templates to give that perfect look.

Multiple Image upload

Multiple image upload for each product and variants, with the ability to set the
default image via the administration portal.

Discounts and Promotions

Create your own discount offer for your customers. Example: Old price INR 1000 New price INR 750 - 25% discount. Create promotions using special codes for your customers. Example: 10% off if you spend more than INR 1000 - use promo code "PPT0099".

Retail Business Analytics

To stay competitive, retailers must understand not only current consumer behaviour, but must also be able to predict future consumer behaviour. Accurate prediction/ analysis can understand customer behaviour. We offer inventory performance to business process productivity, Stock Analysis Reports, Profitability, Best Sales Value and time that help you succeed

3D Rotate Rotating Banners

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You can add 360 degree rotation banners to any product. We also offer options to use rich, media, zoom / pan on rotating banners linking to pages and products within your website.

Cloud Solutions

We enable retailer to engage with his customers in unique and novel ways without the level of capital investment typically required to build and support a new channel. We offer cloud computing to retailers with a cost-effective and infinitely scalable path to launching new capabilities and rebuilding architectures at a time when existing systems are becoming dangerously obsolete. Our website helps you to get and keep customers with low risk and minimal investment.

Integrated Logistics

Our shipping platform is designed to help you get your orders out the warehouse in minutes. Batch printing & shipping allows you to streamline your fulfilment process and create and print labels - plus pick and pack lists - for multiple orders with just a click.

Payment Processing

We offer Multiple Payment Gateway support to our customers depending on the business requirement. We offer PayPal, CCAvenue, Credit cards and Debit cards, Cash on delivery , Gift voucher and Airtel Money.

Intellectual Navigation

Our product uses intellectual logic for searching the products as well as displaying options. Quicker and more accurate route to your products.

Suggestive/predictive Search

Suggestive/predictive search is a way of steering or correcting user search as you start typing. A drop-down list pops up immediately when customers start typing. This also helps a customer find products quickly even if misspelt or sounds alike.